Finland Independence Day 2016: Google Doodle
Finland Independence Day 2016: Google Doodle
Google Doodle is Celebrating Finland Independence Day 2016 by posting a beautiful Google Logo on its homepage.

Happy Independence Day to Finland! In December of 1917, the Senate of Finland declared independence from Russian rule. Today, Finns commemorate the occasion in both solemn and merry ways, starting the day by raising the flag. The colors of the flag can be seen everywhere today: in shop windows, on cakes and pastries, and on the candles that are lit in windows to honor veterans. In the evening, friends and family gather for a celebratory meal and to watch the annual presidential reception on television. This year's reception highlights Finland's strengths, including a leading literacy rate, abundant opportunities for girls, and a commitment to environmental protection.

Today's Doodle depicts the bell-shaped blossoms of the lily of the valley, which is common in many parts of Finland and is often featured in Finnish poetry and music. In 1967, it became the country's national flower, marking 50 years of independence.

Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!

This Doodle's Reach Finland country.