Karimeh Abbud’s 123rd Birthday: Google Doodle
Karimeh Abbud’s 123rd Birthday: Google Doodle
Google Doodle is Celebrating Karimeh Abbud’s 123rd Birthday by posting a beautiful Google Logo on its homepage.

Born on November 18, 1893 (according to local historians), Karimeh Abbud, the self-proclaimed “Lady Photographer,” was one of the first female photographers of the 20th century and is remembered for her stunningly natural portraiture and landscapes. After receiving a camera as a gift from her father at age 17, Abbud started taking photographs of family, friends, and the surrounding landscape of Bethlehem, Palestine, where she grew up.

Abbud’s talent continued to develop, and she became the first Palestinian woman to open a photography studio. During that time, she became well-known for her style of portraiture, which differed from the carefully staged European-style portraiture of the time. Instead, Abbud photographed her subjects in their homes, letting her work reflect her subjects’ natural states.

Working in Palestine and Lebanon during the first half of the twentieth century, Abbud captured vast landscapes, many of which don’t exist today. Through her art, we’re able to experience the beauty of these regions as she saw them nearly 100 years ago.

Thank you, Karimeh, for making art that endures.

This Doodle's Reach Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates countries.