Irena Kwiatkowska’s 104th birthday - Google Doodle
Irena Kwiatkowska’s 104th birthday - Google Doodle
Google Doodle is celebrating Irena Kwiatkowska’s 104th birthday by posting a beautiful Google Logo on its homepage.

Beloved Polish actress Irena Kwiatkowska was born today in 1912. A household name in Poland, Kwiatkowska was celebrated for her work in cabaret, comedy, film, theater, radio, and television. She is best known for the television character "Working Woman," who did many different (and often wacky) jobs, to great humorous effect.

When Kwiatkowska was born, Poland was part of the Russian Empire. She witnessed dramatic changes in Poland's culture and politics during her lifetime. Whether she was advocating for Polish independence, teaching at the Warsaw Theatre Academy, performing a comedic monologue, or singing in a movie musical, Irena Kwiatkowska sought the best for her country -- and brought her best to her audiences.

This Doodle's Reach Poland country.

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