Algeria National Day 2016 (Algeria Independence Day)
Algeria National Day 2016 (Algeria Independence Day)
Google Doodle is celebrating Algeria National Day 2016 (Algeria Independence Day) by posting a beautiful Google Logo on its homepage.

Independence Day (Algeria), observed annually on 5 July every year, is a National Holiday in Algeria commemorating Algeria's independence from France on 5 July 1962.

Decades ago, Le Port de Sidi Fredj, a port on the northern tip of Algiers, Algeria’s capital, was the landing spot of the French invasion. Today, it’s a bustling part of town where visitors can admire ships and the surrounding Algerian Sea while browsing local shops and cafes.

At the forefront of the port stands an ancient structure from the Ottoman period, one of the many longstanding monuments that adorn the nation. Today we commemorate Algeria’s rich history by celebrating 52 years of independence. Happy National Day, Algeria!

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