Františka Plamínková’s 141st Birthday - Google Doodle
Františka Plamínková’s 141st Birthday - Google Doodle
Google Doodle is celebrating Františka Plamínková’s 141st Birthday Anniversary by posting a beautiful Doodle Logo on its homepage.

She was born in 1875, Františka Plamínková's native country of Czechoslovakia was already embroiled in the debate on women's role in society. By the time Plamínková began her career as a teacher, this ethical and cultural discussion had become even more heated, and Plaminkova didn't hesitate to dive in. She was deeply involved in community organization and and furthering the cause for women's suffrage. A brilliant teacher, journalist, and debator, Plamínková, nicknamed Plamka or "a small flame," stoked the embers for Czech women's suffrage.

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This Doodle's Reach Slovakia, Czech Republic country.

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