Lucy (Australopithecus)
Lucy (Australopithecus)
Google Doodle is celebrating 41st Anniversary of the discovery of Lucy (Australopithecus) by posting a beautiful doodle logo on its homepage.

Lucy is the common name of AL 288-1, several hundred pieces of bone fossils representing 40 percent of the skeleton of a female of the hominin species Australopithecus afarensis. In Ethiopia the assembly is also known as Dinkinesh, which means "you are marvelous" in the Amharic language. Lucy was discovered in 1974 near the village Hadar in the Awash Valley of the Afar Triangle in Ethiopia by paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson.

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This Doodle's Reach All country.

Google has done a great job with the Doodle. Thank you for everything you accomplished. Write in the comments for this beautiful Google doodle logo.